We just don’t care about flavor, we obsess over it!

Here, at Golden Moon Tea, we are consistently checking reviews, arguing constantly on what tastes best and pretty much at each other’s throats trying to find the one thing that will satisfy our cravings...and that is just when we order lunch!

So, when it comes to tea, you know that we are fanatical about having the best tasting and highest quality tea possible. After spending countless hours testing, comparing and grading teas, we discovered a system that can separate the good teas from the truly fantastic ones.

Our “9 Step Selection Process” is the backbone of our company.

We put every single shipment of tea through our 9 Step Selection Process and if any of our teas does not pass even one step, we send it back, even if it means that we will be without that tea for months.

It doesn’t stop there. Every year, when the new tea crops are plucked, we test hundreds of samples we do not even sell to ensure that ours are the finest tasting teas available. Just having a “good” tea doesn’t cut it here. We have to have the best. So without further adieu, here is our 9 Step Selection Process that every one of our teas must pass.


Teas must be pesticide and chemical free

Golden Moon Tea will never sell a tea that has any type of synthetic chemicals. You can count on that.



Teas must be from this year’s crop (unless it is an aged tea)

With the exception of a few types of teas, tea is better the fresher it is. We will only sell the most recent year’s crop, ensuring peak freshness and flavor.



Dry leaf should look fresh and shiny

A sign of an old tea is a dull looking dry tealeaf. So, even if we are told that the tea is fresh, there is another way that we can ensure the tea tastes as fresh and lively as possible.



Aroma must be fragrant and lively

Much of our ability to taste originates from our nose. Aroma affects our ability to taste in a significant way. All of our teas need to have an amazing aroma that will enhance the flavor of each tea.



Liquor must be clear and never cloudy

A pure leaf will produce a translucent and almost shimmering cup of tea. Cloudy tea is usually a sign of a low quality tealeaf.



Taste on the front palate must be extraordinary

As soon as you take your first sip, the flavor should hit the front of your tongue and instantly leave an amazing impression.



Mouth feel must have the correct umami

Umami is a Japanese term that refers to mouth feel. Each tea has its own thickness of liquor that is important for the best sensory experience possible.



Finish must be clean and long

After taking a sip, the flavor should linger and evolve on your tongue. If the flavor disappears quickly, the tea is usually low quality.



Teas must be priced appropriately

No one wants to be ripped off. We always check to make sure the tea is priced according to market. There is no reason to pay double the price for a tea that tastes 2% better than the next best tea.

A Final Note about Organic Teas

"Organic" means many things, but better taste is not always one of them. It's great that organic teas are free of synthetic pesticides, but you could be a lousy farmer and sell mediocre tea using organic methods.

On the flip side, many great farmers can't afford organic certification but still grow high quality, environmentally friendly produce - this is where we step in. We are rigorous on discovering the farming methods of our tea farms and will never sell from any farm that uses chemicals or pesticides on their tea (see step 1 of our process). While it may seem more eco-friendly to buy a tea that has an organic label slapped on it, the truth is the small tea farm that has been growing tea for over a hundred years may produce a superior tasting tea.