I have this friend from College named Caroline. Now Caroline is one of those people who loves to travel. She not only loves to travel, she truly lives to travel. If you ever go to her house it is easy to tell her favorite countries and cultures. She will always try to bring back a single item that encapsulates her entire travel experience in that country. She will have things like an ornate calligraphy brushes from Hong Kong, a Matryoshka doll set from Moscow or a piece of hand-blown glass from Murano, Italy.

Like Caroline, I also have this need to try and bring home different cultures. Instead of trying to collect unique items from a country, I try to bring back all of my experiences through the biggest passion in my life… Tea.

In order to do this, I developed a four-step process to capture the essence of all the great experiences I had while traveling. This process is applied to every single blend we create...