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No matter if is organic or grown on a mountaintop,
if the tea doesn’t pass our 9 Step Selection Process,
it will not be carried and sold by Golden Moon Tea.
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5 No-No’s When Drinking English Tea

Have you ever gotten that look? You know, the look by a group of people that says you are doing something wrong, but they are not going to tell you what it is? Man, I hate that look.

Well, when it comes to tea, I can help prevent this from happening to you. Having a proper tea with a group of people has rules and etiquette that can frankly be intimidating. This graphic will help you avoid the 5 biggest no-no’s that you can do with a group of proper tea drinkers. As long as you avoid these 5 things, you will avoid that look.


5 no-no's for english tea

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