I think we need to hold up on all the “tea is healthy” talk here for a minute. According to this super-scientific website, tea can actually kill you. That is, it can kill you if you drink 546 cups of it in a row. Before you start freaking out, 546 cups is equal to 34 gallons or 7 of those big jugs of water on top of the water cooler at your office.

To also put it in perspective, you would only need 94 cups of coffee to make you kick the bucket. I think Jolt is the winner here with 48 cans of “Jolt Energy” to, as they say, “put you down.” 48 Cans actually sounds like it may be doable, so that is actually kind of scary. 
Here is the calculator. It’s pretty fun to play with.

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  1. This is really trfrieic. I do this sort of. Pyrex measuring cup small amounts of water, lots of tea leaves and very short steeps strained from one cup to another with whatever happens to be handy, cos I am moving fast! All of this is about to change soon with new tea ware! I am very excited. Also, I live in the country on the side of a small mountain. I have a spring fed well and I use this water for my tea. I have tried purchasing spring water and I have also tried water that is filtered. I like my well water the best.

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