I thought I would start off 2013 by giving thanks to all the readers of Tea Time and customers of Golden Moon Tea. Without all of you, Golden Moon would not be where it is today. It is your loyal support, passion and love of tea that really makes every day special for me.

To help show a little bit of thanks, I have sent out this little cheat sheet on tea brewing temperatures

I originally designed it to be a kitchen magnet, but I thought I would send it out for free as a simple PDF that you can download, print and stick on your fridge. You can download the high resolution version of this by clicking on the link below.


Here is a question

Would you pay a few dollars to buy this as a true kitchen magnet? One with a magnetic back that you can just stick on your refrigerator? Just reply to this email with your answer!

To a Wonderful 2013!

Keep your eye out for an exciting year at Golden Moon Tea. The first thing we have coming up in the next couple of months is a new line of herbals. I have been creating these for about a year now and I think you are really going to enjoy them!




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  1. Marcus, I am not understanding the 1st Steep, 2nd Steep, 3rd Steep business. What do all those Steeps mean? You steep the SAME tea leaves many times?

  2. I am looking to buy something like this right now!

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