Pu-erh Chai

I have a problem when it comes to Thanksgiving. I get so excited for all the food that I literally eat until I can’t move. One time when I was a teenager I was so full that I actually hid in the basement and took a nap while people were still finishing dessert – that is how deep my problem goes.

When I started getting into teas I was tipped off on a Chinese cure for overindulgence. In China, people like to eat a lot at Dim Sum, which is like a giant brunch full of dumplings and other small plates. During every Dim Sum meal they drink a dark, amber colored tea that helps with digestion. But not only that, it helps with the “overstuffed” feeling you get from eating too much. This amber colored tea is Pu-erh.

Pu-erh helps you feel better


The Chinese say that it mostly helps with oily foods, but I find that it helps with all foods. For some reason the earthy taste and the almost mystical power of the tea helps to make you feel like a normal person again after eating too much. There isn’t any scientific evidence of this, but I do know from experience that it works.

Pu-erh makes a great Chai


The best thing about Pu-erh during Thanksgiving is it makes a wonderful Chai. Chai spices of cinnamon and clove pair wonderfully with Turkey, cranberry and other savory dishes traditionally served on that special Thursday. Since it has an earthy flavor, it also is a nice complement to the sweetness of dessert.

So how do I make a Pu-erh Chai?


Making Chai is fairly simple. Just take a Pu-erh tea base and add cardamom, clove and cinnamon. Here is a link to simple recipe you can make at home. Just be sure to use Pu-erh as your tea base.

Chai Recipe



Enjoy Thanksgiving as it is a great day to relax, catch up with friends and family and just enjoy ourselves. And, if you are like me and like to eat too much, finish off your meal with some Pu-erh and you will be back to normal in a flash!



photo: www.flickr.com/photos/ilmungo/67537484

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