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Category Archives: Types of Tea

How to make a cup of tea in 10 seconds

I can’t stand it when someone tells me they are a tea connoisseur and their favorite tea is Tazo. It is like a person telling me about their great trips to Napa Valley for a wine tasting and their favorite wine is Yellowtail. It’s not that it is a bad thing to like Tazo or Yellowtail, but if you truly like something you should explore it, learn about it and try new things.

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Why Organic Food May Taste Worse

People love buzzwords. One of those is “organic.” Organic simply means that something was produced according to the guidelines of a regulatory certification board. While it will be guaranteed to be pesticide free, it is not guaranteed to taste better. From Eric Ripert (Celebrity Chef): “Organic” means many things, but…

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How to know your lingo when brewing tea

Sometimes it is hard to understand what people are talking about. You understand what each individual word means, but when used in context it sounds totally foreign to you. Like Jive, tea has its own set of terminology which can seem intimidating to beginners.

Because of this I have created a basic guide of terms people use when they prepare tea.

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