People love buzzwords. One of those is “organic.” Organic simply means that something was produced according to the guidelines of a regulatory certification board. While it will be guaranteed to be pesticide free, it is not guaranteed to taste better. From Eric Ripert (Celebrity Chef):

“Organic” means many things, but better taste is not always one of them. It’s great that organic fruits and vegetables are free of synthetic pesticides, but you could be a lousy farmer and sell mediocre food using organic methods. On the flip side, many great farmers can’t afford organic certification but still grow high-quality, environmentally friendly produce. My advice: Get to know your food sources and be rigorous about inspecting and tasting the food for quality. Buy local whenever possible, and you’ll probably be rewarded with produce that’s fresh and delicious. It may seem exotic to eat an organic tomato from Chile, but that doesn’t mean it’ll taste any better than a nonorganic tomato from down the street.

Tea also falls under this category. Most of the rarest and best tasting teas are not organic. This is not to say that organic teas are inferior, but in my opinion each tea should be judged on its quality, not its certification.


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