These teas perfect for those who like a little bit of caffeine. The level of caffeine in these teas is generally 25mg, about a third of that in a cup of coffee.
  • Coconut Pouchong

    Real coconut makes this south pacific treat buttery, smooth and sweet
  • Dragon Well

    One of China’s most famous teas. sweet and roasty with a medium body
  • Jasmine Pearls

    hand rolled and infused with fresh jasmine flowers. both sweet and floral
  • Jasmine Tea

    Wonderful balance of green tea and fresh jasmine petals with a sweet finish
  • Moroccan Mint

    Strongly minty and refreshing. a blend of pure spearmint and Chinese green tea
  • Sencha

    Japan’s most popular tea. A crisp vegetal flavor with a pleasant sweetness
  • Tie Guan Yin

    the most famous oolong tea. an aroma of baked bread with a floral, buttery finish
  • White Peony

    A sweet and delicate tea made from the youngest tea leaves