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Join the Seasonal tea club

Each tea is picked specifically for the season

We match each tea with the month in which it is shipped. Some months it is snowing and you crave a warm cup of tea to snuggle up with. Other months it is so hot all you can think of is something cold and refreshing to drink. Because tea is such a wonderful beverage to enjoy all year round, we have matched each month’s shipment to the season, temperature and overall mood of the month. Therefore, you always have the perfect style of tea to drink throughout the year!

You Receive the Perfect Amount of Tea

Most of us wish that our kitchens and pantries would have a touch more room in them. With the seasonal Tea Club the one thing you do not need to worry about is having your tea take up too much space. Each shipment contains 4 ounces of tea, enough for approximately 60 cups of tea, which is the perfect amount for a daily cup!

What The Seasonal Tea Club Includes

Each shipment will be sent every 2 months. It will include 2 teas (about 30 servings each ) of our hand selected tea.
Each tea is matched for the weather, mood and feeling of each month.

  • January

    Madagascar Vanilla

    Madagascar mixes rich black tea with slices of real vanilla bean. Both smooth and exotic, this tea is great served with buttered toast as a special treat on a cold winter morning.
  • February

    Irish Breakfast

    With a chill in the air there is nothing better than a big, bold black tea. Combining ultra-premium estate teas, this blend far exceeds the typical Irish Breakfast. The robust flavor is equally elegant and complex.
  • March

    Tippy Earl Grey

    Maybe it is because it was invented in London, but cold, rainy days make us want to curl up on the couch with a nice cup of Earl Grey tea. Since we use real bergamot oil in our Earl Grey, the freshness carries over into the malty flavor of the Assam tea.
  • April

    Genmaicha Matcha

    The winter has finally passed and now it is time for green – green gardens, green vegetables and Green Tea! Our Genmaicha Matcha is smooth and bright with a touch of popped rice nuttiness in the finish.
  • May

    Moroccan Mint

    The weather is finally warming and herbs are beginning to grow. Our Moroccan Mint uses a traditional recipe from Marrakesh that includes Chinese Gunpowder tea and real mint. It is delicious both hot and iced.
  • June

    Vanilla Mint

    The world’s two most popular flavors combine with Green and Black Teas to create a wonderful and refreshing tea. While delicious hot, it really shines when prepared in a tall pitcher and poured over ice.
  • July

    Coconut Pouchong

    Coconut Pouchong is our best selling tea and the winner of the “Best Green Tea” at the World Tea Expo. It is fantastic iced, especially on sweltering July afternoons.
  • August


    Citrus, ginger, and mint are perfectly blended so that none of the flavors overwhelm the other. All six herbs help cleanse the system and leave you feeling vibrant and alive. Perfect for active days during the peak of summer.
  • September

    Jasmine Tea

    As summer winds down, a glass of iced jasmine will help keep you cool. A deep golden, coppery infusion with a fragrance of fresh flowers. Purely scented with jasmine flowers, this tea pleasantly floral and a crisp astringency in the finish.
  • October


    Crisp fall mornings call for a smooth, rich black tea. These fuzzy tipped and tobacco colored tea leaves provide a complex and rich cup that many compare to a fine Bordeaux wine. Sweet and toasty, with a flavor of freshly ground cocoa.
  • November

    French Breakfast

    Our French Breakfast is an estate tea from the high mountain region of Ceylon. With its long, wiry leaves, it produces a smooth amber cup. This exquisite tea has a subtle, honey-like flavor, making it perfect for breakfast on brisk November mornings.
  • December

    Masala Chai

    An exotic, spiced tea from the Himalayas of Northern India. Aromatic and warming, natives of India often comment that the authentic and delicious recipe reminds them of home. Serve with milk and cane sugar for a rich treat.

Plus…12 Month Clubs Receive a Free Gift ($10 Value)

This 24 page book that explains everything you need to know about tea. You will find out how to brew the perfect cup of tea, make iced tea, and what to look for when buying tea. Plus we have added our perfect teaspoon. This teaspoon holds the exact amount of tea needed to make one cup of tea and it makes a perfect compliment to our Seasonal Tea Club. If you order our 12 month option, it is yours for free ($10 Value)! This is excellent for the tea lover in your life no matter is they are new to loose tea or an experienced tea drinker.


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comes with a free gift($10 value)

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