Thank You Sir Thomas Lipton

Now a days when we get ripped off it is usually because the product was flimsy or lasted only a little while. If you were a tea drinker in the late 1800's and were ripped off, it mean that you bought used tea. Used tea as in tea found in the trash that was dried, repackaged and sold as new. "Lipton's exceptional business sense allowed him to recognize the need in England for reliably good tea at a time when it wasn't at all uncommon for used tea to be repackaged as new by questionable merchants.

He really developed the first consistent brand of tea that was the same from package to package, from location to location, every time you bought it," D'Antonio says."

Luckily for us. Lipton really set the standard for black tea in the US. While the brand has become totally commercialized and has switched to Kenyan tea, Lipton really made a breakthrough in transportation, cost and price that we are all benefitting from today.

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