Are You a Fannitarian?

There is a new controversy going on in the Vegan world and has created a new name for people, Cheatatarians. A Cheatatarian is a vegetarian who sometimes eats some type of meat when no one is watching.

The theory behind it is that the majority of people become vegetarians through relationships. If one person in a relationship is a strict vegetarian, it usually means that the other will eat a similar diet. It is simply easier to adapt to eat and drink what your significant other enjoys than establishing two different meals every day. This same concept applies to tea drinkers. I hear it all the time from my friends who don't drink tea. Things such as: "My wife drinks tea and I have tried hers. It tastes too weak." "I have a ton of tea in my house and it all tastes like water." "My husband loves tea but it doesn't have enough flavor for me." The problem is since one person in a relationship likes tea, their partner assumes that the tea that is in their cabinet is all there is to it. Much like Cheatatarians, they are adopting the lifestyle of their partner because it is more convenient. The most convenient teas on the market are usually low grade fannings, which are the dust that is left over after tea farms sort and sift their loose teas. The ironic thing about this, is the convenience of drinking what is considered mainstream tea is actually making it harder for people to branch out and learn about tea in its purest form, loose leaf tea. If you think that you have tried tea, but have only tried teabags that are made with fannings, it is most likely because it was what was laying around your house. To coin a tacky phrase, it would make you a Fannitarian. OK, its really tacky, but it can't be much worse than coining the phrase "Cheatatarian." The only way around this is to try some loose leaf tea. While it may not be as convenient as grabbing a teabag from your pantry, it can open up a new beverage and flavors that you didn't know existed. Afterall, it isn't as big of a deal as sneaking bacon cheeseburgers when your partner isn't looking.

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