T-Sac's - So Useful Everyone Should Own Them!

T-Sac's - So Useful Everyone Should Own Them!

Every time I am up late I always seem to get fixated on infomercials. It doesn’t matter if it is a spatula that can grip sausages or a cloth that can absorb an entire 2 liter bottle of soda. These commercials are so entertaining I find myself watching them for the entire half hour, with credit card in hand practically salivating over how great my life will be when I get one. While these gadgets are hard to resist, if you have ever ordered one you know that they always end up being disappointing. Why? Because they are only good at one particular thing. If you want to make an egg sandwich, then the gadget works perfectly. But unless you eat egg sandwiches almost every day, then that gadget just takes up a lot of room in your kitchen. When I am buying different utensils for tea, I try and buy things that can be used for more than one purpose. This is why I love T-Sac’s so much. And if you don’t know what a T-Sac is, then you are about to discover one of the greatest multi-taskers that you can own.

A T-Sac is an all-natural, disposable teabag

In the most basic sense, T-Sac’s are a do-it-yourself teabag. You take a teaspoon of tea, put it in the T-Sac and treat it like any other teabag. But, instead of getting the usual crummy tea you find in a lot of teabags, you get to choose your favorite tea to put into them. The best thing is that you can use the T-Sac with your loose leaf tea for up to four steeps! Try to do that with your regular store bought teabag.

T-Sac’s are also great for cooking

Unlike other kitchen gadgets, T-Sac’s can be used for many different things. One thing in particular that they are great at is holding herbs. Sometimes when you make a soup, sauce or stock you want the flavor of fresh herbs but do not want them floating around when you eat it.

The French use a “bouquet garni”

The French have known about this for years. They tie together all their herbs in what is called a “bouquet garni.” This allows you to get the full flavor of the herbs while maintaining a clear, pure broth. But instead of tying the herbs together, you can just stuff them into a T-Sac. The T-Sac will allow the herbs to release their flavor and since they are held in the T-Sac they can be easily removed.

T-Sac’s can also help with straining soups

If you have ever tried to make chicken broth from scratch, you know that it is ideal to strain the broth of all the chicken and veggies. The problem is a metal strainer’s holes are too big and no one has a proper fine mesh strainer. For this situation, all you need to do is open up a few T-Sac's and place them at the bottom of your colander. When you slowly pour your broth through the strainer, the T-Sac will filter out all the bits of veggie and chicken and leave you with a crystal clear broth

Most importantly, T-Sac's are great for travelling with tea

T-Sac’s allow you to pre fill each serving of tea. This is great if you go on vacation, but it is even better if you work in an office. It only takes about 1 minute to fill up 10 T-Sac’s with your favorite tea. And once they are filled you can just bring them into the office and be set for the next few days. This way you don’t have to worry about cleaning your teapots while at work.


T-Sac’s should be a part of every tea lovers arsenal. They are great for a quick cup of tea in the morning, great for the office and fantastic for cooking. Now, if I could only find another use for this huge tray that is supposed to defrost a frozen steak in 10 minutes…

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