Kicked-Up Boston Iced Tea

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Kashmiri Chai - 25% Off

Mixed with cranberry or not, Kashmiri Chai makes a fantasic iced tea. And, for the next week, only it is 25% off!

To redeem this discount, just enter "kashmiri" at the shopping cart screen. See below for more details.

Kicked-Up Boston Iced Tea
by Marcus Stout

Boston is known for a lot of things – The Red Sox, amazing Universities and clam chowder to name a few. But one thing that people don’t really talk about are their cranberries.
Massachusetts produces some of the best cranberries in the world, so it is no wonder that they use it in a lot of their cuisine. One particular use of cranberries is a “Boston Iced Tea,” which is an incredibly refreshing iced tea that is half cranberry juice and half iced tea.
I decided to kick this iced tea up by mixing in two flavors that pair wonderfully with Cranberries; Clove and Cinnamon. To add some additional zing I used a Chai tea as a base to give it a lively flavor that will really refresh you on those scorching summer days

What you will need:
•   6 teaspoons Kashmiri Chai (or any other traditional Chai Tea)
•   A Bodum Iced Tea Pitcher
•   ½ can frozen cranberry juice concentrate
•   4 cups of ice
•   1 cup sugar
•   1 cinnamon stick
•   8 whole cloves

Steps to take:
1.  Heat your water until it boils
2.  Put the Chai tea, cinnamon stick and cloves in the filter side of the Bodum Iced Tea Pitcher
3.  Fill the teapot halfway with boiling water
4.  Steep for 5 minutes
5.  Remove the filter from the Bodum Iced Tea Pitcher
6.  Add sugar and stir until it dissolves
7.  Stir in the frozen cranberry juice concentrate
8.  Fill the pitcher with ice
9. Drink and be merry!
Note: If you do not have the Bodum Iced Tea Pitcher, just brew the tea according to these directions (link) and add all the tea and spices into the teapot while it is steeping. Follow the directions from there and add the cranberry juice concentrate at the end. Just make sure you add the sugar while the tea is hot!

On a really hot day, sometimes you need more than water. This iced tea is tangy, a touch tart and totally refreshing.


A lot of people ask us why we named our "Chai" Kashmiri Chai. The reason is because we do not use a traditional Masala Chai recipe, which is the dominant version here in the US.

In any quality Chai, there should be a nice blend of spice that enhances the flavor of the tea. In many US "Chai's," they use too many spices that overpower the flavor of the actual tea. We felt that adding a Chinese gunpowder tea base helped round out the flavor and reduce some of the astringency. We also added cinnamon to give our Kashmiri Chai a smooth spiciness and removed the traditional flavors of ginger and fennel, because we felt that it overpowered the tea and left you with some burnt out taste buds.

What you are left with is a nice, spicy tea that is much smoother and brighter than the average Masala Chai found here in the US.

To order please follow these steps:
1) Add any size Kashmiri Chai tea to your shopping cart
2) Add the promo code "kashmiri" (without quotation marks)
3) Tada! It should apply the 25% discount

Offer ends August 10, 2011 at 11:59pm EDT



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