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Our Organic Loose Tea Sampler is a great way to try a variety of teas. It has 9 of our best selling teas and packaged in a beautiful gift box. All of our teas use 100% natural ingredients  and never use any artificial flavorings or dangerous chemicals. This is an excellent present for the tea lover in your life, no matter if they are new to loose tea or an experienced tea drinker. 


  • SMOOTH FLAVOR GUARANTEE: If this isn't the smoothest cup of tea you have had we will refund 100% of your money.  

  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Because we use 100% natural ingredients, our teas have a natural sweetness.  They are not "doctored up" like some other tea companies flavored concoctions.  

  • 108 SERVINGS OF TEA: Each tin holds .5 oz of tea. This is a great size because each tin makes over 10 cups of tea per tin (108 total cups). Now you can be sure you love each tea before you order more.  

  • GREAT VARIETY: Our Loose Tea Sampler has a great variety of teas. Why order just one flavor when you can have 9? This way you can try a bunch of teas and only re-order those you love!  

  • NO BITTERNESS: Because our teas have little or no bitterness, you don’t need to add any milk or sweetener to your tea. This means you can drink tea without any calories or guilt all day long!  


Each Sampler has the following teas:


  • Tippy Earl Grey

  • Darjeeling

  • Vanilla Mint

  • Masala Chai

  • Detox

  • Mint Medley

  • Rooibos

  • Jasmine Tea

  • English Breakfast

No Harmful
Chemicals... Period

Organic is just the beginning. We investigate each tea to ensure purity

No Chemically Treated Teabags

All teabags contrain plastic. That’s why we refuse to use them

No GMOs or Modified Ingredients

We never use GMO’s, irradiation,or synthetic preservatives

No “Natural” or Artificial Flavors

We only use real ingredients. Not chemical filled flavorings

Loose Tea Serving Size Guide

Here is a quick guide to how many cups of brewed tea each of our serving sizes makes.

If you would like to know more about how we came up with these calculations plus how to figure out cost per serving check out this article.