How to Make Refrigerator Iced Tea

How to Make Refrigerator Iced Tea

Two week ago the temperature hit 107° F here in DC. I don’t know about where you live, but around here that is hot...insanely hot! It is so hot that a lot of people don’t even want to turn on the lights, especially those that do not have central air-conditioning. On days like this, the thought of boiling water is last on your list. Even the thought of that steam escaping from the kettle would drive even the coolest heads crazy. The good news is that there is a great way to make iced tea without boiling any water. Even better, it is probably the easiest way to make iced tea out there since it only takes about 1 minute of prep time. The results are also delicious and quite refreshing.

What you need

  • 66oz Takeya Iced Tea Pitcher

  • 6 heaping teaspoons of tea (about 20 grams)

  • A Refrigerator 

How to make it

1) Place tea in the filter basket of the pitcher      


2) Fill the pitcher with cold water  


3) Place in the pitcher in the fridge overnight. I like to do a minimum of 8 hours and a max of 24 hours.


4) Remove the infuser basket and enjoy!  


You don’t need the Takeya Iced Tea Pitcher to make this

While the Takeya Iced Tea pitcher makes it ridiculously easy to make refrigerator iced tea, you do not need it. All you need is a pitcher and a few T-Sac’s and follow the directions above. I recommend using about 1 teaspoon of tea per 10 ounces of water.



Refrigerator iced tea is delicious and easy to make. It has a clean, crisp flavor without any bitterness. And on those crazy hot days, it will keep your house nice and cool since it doesn’t use any hot water!

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