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Strongly minty and refreshing. A blend of pure spearmint and Chinese green tea.

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While the Brits may have pubs that are a key part of their social life, Moroccans have tea houses. And they almost exclusively serve one kind of tea. Trust us when we say this is a big deal in that part of the world. It starts with a strong tea base of Chinese green gunpowder tea, fresh spearmint leaves, and plenty of sugar. The tea process is actually quite elaborate involving pouring and repouring multiple cups while keeping the tea at a boil. So while we cannot offer the true Moroccan tea experience, we can give you a wonderful blend that would make any Moroccan proud.



Organic Green Tea, Organic Spearmint

Our gunpowder tea comes from the Zhejiang Province in China. The leaves are plucked in late summer allowing them to mature in flavor and give it its characteristic smoky flavor. The leaves are fired for an extended period of time in a hot oven until they become dark green and shiny. The tea is then rolled into little tiny balls that resemble small pellets of gunpowder. 

Our spearmint comes from both Oregon and Washington. This region has become popular for their fantastic mint due to the dry desert climate which enhances the flavor and discourages some of the problems humid climates cause the plants. The mint leaves are harvested in July and are cut into rows and are naturally dried in the fields for five days, which keeps a bright green color and fresh flavor.

  • Based on a traditional Moroccan recipe, this blend combines pure green gunpowder tea with fresh spearmint. The lively spearmint stands at the forefront while the full-bodied, charred-flavored green tea helps to mellow out the sharpness. Add a touch of sugar for a real Moroccan treat.
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  • Low (25mg)
  • 1) Bring fresh, filtered water to 180°F
    2) Pour over your tea leaves in a teapot
    (1 spoonful of tea per serving)
    3) Steep 3 minutes
    4) Stir, strain, and enjoy!

No Harmful
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Organic is just the beginning. We investigate each tea to ensure purity

No Chemically Treated Teabags

All teabags contrain plastic. That’s why we refuse to use them

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We never use GMO’s, irradiation,or synthetic preservatives

No “Natural” or Artificial Flavors

We only use real ingredients. Not chemical filled flavorings

Loose Tea Serving Size Guide

Here is a quick guide to how many cups of brewed tea each of our serving sizes makes.

If you would like to know more about how we came up with these calculations plus how to figure out cost per serving check out this article.