5 Best Boozy Iced Tea Recipes From Around the Web

5 Best Boozy Iced Tea Recipes From Around the Web

I consider myself to be a true tea lover. I can't give up on tea even when the temperatures start rising up to 90+ degrees and all other "sane" people think drinking hot tea is just out of the question. They might be right, even though a cup of hot tea can definitely provide an instant refreshment. Summer (and even the end of summer) is the season for iced tea. Because of my tea addiction, I like to organize home tea parties quite often. Warm summer nights are perfect to make them even more unique. However, I have always encountered the same problem. No one wanted to come. Unless – I serve alcohol infused tea. That got me thinking.

I searched the web to find the 5 best boozy iced tea recipes from around the web that would be unique, tasty, inviting and refreshing. However, there was one rule. They had to contain the true spirit of tea. These recipes are perfect for an outdoor party, use clean ingredients, real teas and are simple to make. Iced teas infused with a bit of vodka, bourbon or rum, are here to impress, just like every good tea should – iced or hot, spiked or not. Sound interesting? Take a look at the list of 5 best boozy iced tea recipes from around the web that will take you to an imaginary cooling boozy tea cruise around the world. The best of all, their deliciousness is not imaginary at all.


Russian Iced Tea 

What is the best country to visit in summer if you are a tea lover and cannot stand temperatures above 65 degrees? Russia, of course. With a long tea drinking culture (and even longer vodka drinking culture), this recipe combines the best of Russia. Fight that summer heat wave in a Russian style with black tea, vodka, lemonade, honey, lemon and ice.


Vanilla Vodka Chai Iced Tea

Want to spike the spiciest of all teas, the famous Indian Chai? Add a bit of amaretto and vanilla vodka. Dreaming about Goa? Forget Goa. Fill your glass and check out Kerala with amazing tropical beaches and even more amazing tea plantations.


Boozy Hibiscus Iced Tea 

American tropical dream has never been closer (unless you actually do live in Hawaii). Boozy Hibiscus Iced Tea is all about sourly sweet experience of hibiscus mixed with bourbon and topped with ice-cubes. Maybe you already know that hibiscus is a native flower to Hawaii and that bourbon was born in the United States. But, did you know that real tea is also grown in Hawaii?


Spiked Thai Iced Tea 

This boozy version of Thai Iced Tea will bring you closer to the stunning beaches and clear azure sea of a faraway Ko Samui or Ko Phangan. Black tea, rum, milk and ice, might become your new summer vice (feeling that half cup of rum kicking in).


Earl Grey Mint Julep 

Does a royal trip to the old continent to a country where 5 o'clock tea was born sounds inviting? Don't get the name fool you. This spiked iced tea is pretty, classy, elegant and has enough bourbon to get you in the mood for daydreaming of a warm British summer.



Why these recipes? Not only are they delicious and easy to make, but they all represent countries that produce tea or have a strong tea drinking culture. After exploring the new dimension of tea with these 5 best boozy iced tea recipes from around the web, you will never look at tea the same. Or, you will see double, but at least you will be refreshed.


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