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Smooth and woodsy with a hint of caramel. High in antioxidants, yet naturally caffeine free.

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If you go to South Africa and order a “tea” you may be surprised what they serve you. It won’t be a black tea, a green tea, or an oolong. But instead they love to drink Rooibos - or Red Tea. Once you take a sip you will see why. Rooibos is 100% caffeine free making it great to drink at any time of day. It is also high in antioxidants. So much so that it has been shown to have 50% more antioxidants than green tea. But most importantly, rooibos is delicious. It is a clean woodsy flavor with a smooth finish of rich caramel and black pepper. After drinking a cup of rooibos, you will see why South Africans love this tea so much.



Organic Rooibos Tea

Our Rooibos is grown in the mountainous region of Cederberg, South Africa. The leaves are harvested during the peak of summer into early fall. In the morning, the farmers will hand cut the rooibos branches and send them to be processed. While being processed, the branches are sprinkled with water and bruised to promote oxidation for up to 24 hours. Next, the tea is air dried in special fields and sifted and graded where we purchase only the top 10%.

  • Rooibos starts off mild and smooth with a distinctive woodsy flavor that reminds us of sandalwood. As the cup cools it becomes milder and cleaner with hints of caramel and black pepper in the finish. One of the most forgiving teas, rooibos is hard to over-steep because it almost never gets bitter. It is also a great base to blend with other items such as mint, herbs, and fruit.
  • None (0mg)
  • 1) Bring fresh, filtered water to a boil
    2) Pour over your tea leaves in a teapot
    (1 spoonful of tea per serving)
    3) Steep 5 minutes
    4) Stir, strain, and enjoy!

No Harmful
Chemicals... Period

Organic is just the beginning. We investigate each tea to ensure purity

No Chemically Treated Teabags

All teabags contrain plastic. That’s why we refuse to use them

No GMOs or Modified Ingredients

We never use GMO’s, irradiation,or synthetic preservatives

No “Natural” or Artificial Flavors

We only use real ingredients. Not chemical filled flavorings

Loose Tea Serving Size Guide

Here is a quick guide to how many cups of brewed tea each of our serving sizes makes.

If you would like to know more about how we came up with these calculations plus how to figure out cost per serving check out this article.