Why we Celebrate Brunch on Mother Day

Why we Celebrate Brunch on Mother Day

My family has a tradition of always celebrating Mother's Day with a beautiful Sunday Brunch. When we were younger, we would cook French Toast, Eggs, Potatoes, Bacon and Sausage for my Mom and now that we are all grown up, we tend to dress up and take her somewhere fancy.

But, I was thinking about this the other day. Why is Brunch so popular on Mother's Day? At first I thought it was a marketing ploy, like some other holidays. But once I did more research, I found a few interesting reasons why millions of people celebrate with brunch on this particular day.

Brunch was invented around 1900 in England

Back in the 1900's, big meals were thought of as a luxury only the wealthy could afford. Britain has a history of these expensive meals for the wealthy, namely high tea. Most people didn't have the time to sit down for hours and spend lavishly on delectable foods.

The Traditional Meal for England was Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner was always the meal of choice for the wealthy 100 years ago in England. They would have roasted meats, puddings and pies. But, they would eat this "dinner" early in the afternoon.

In 1895, Guy Beringer wrote an article explaining the need for a new meal. This meal would allow you to enjoy a late night on Saturday, sleep in on Sunday and still have a luxurious meal by skipping breakfast. It would combine the best foods of breakfast and lunch (later coined "Brunch") while maintaining the extravagance of Sunday Dinner.

On Mother's Day everyone gives Mom that same luxury

No matter what their station in life is, Mother's Day is the time to treat Mom as British nobility because she deserves it. Brunch gives us all a time to splurge on a plethora of foods and enjoy a long meal with our loved ones.

In my family, we always start with tea, have a small omelet with thick cut Virginia bacon and fresh breakfast sausages, then move on to either roast beef or turkey. We always finish with warm pie. After that meal, Mom is always happy.

There is one more reason why Brunch is so popular on Mother's Day

Moms are always taken for granted. They are always behind the scenes cooking, cleaning and making our lives much easier and filling it with love. Mother's Day is the one day where she doesn't have to do anything. In our house, my Dad always made sure we cooked everything and cleaned every dish. And if we went out, we all made sure we were ready on time. If there is one day that Mom can relax, it should always be this Sunday.

So let's give thanks to our Mothers on May 8th!

Let your Mom kick up her feet, enjoy some good food and some laughs with her loved ones. And most importantly, remember to treat her like British Royalty at high tea, we all know she deserves it.

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