Silver Needle Tea: 100% Fluffy Tea Tips

Silver Needle Tea: 100% Fluffy Tea Tips

People love to get the best of the best. But, what is more interesting is that people take the best of the best and then take the best from that. For example, not only do we need the freshest green asparagus, but we then try and only buy the tips of them. Where we used to be happy with the whole artichoke, we now only eat the center, or heart, of it. This is by no means a bad thing, we have evolved as a society to the point where we can indulge ourselves every now and then and be immersed in the best of the best. If you would like to immerse yourselves in the best White Tea, then Silver Needle is the tea for you. Widely considered the finest of the White Teas, Silver Needle Tea is often reserved for those times when we want something special. What makes this tea so special is the fact it only uses the best part of the tea leaves, the tip. 


Silver Needle only uses tea tips

Tea tips are the buds that poke out of a tea plant. The special thing about buds is they are the sweetest part of the tea leaf. Each bud is painstakingly plucked by hand late in the plucking season, which results in large, almost one-inch long buds full of tiny pieces of "down." 


The taste is sublime

With an aroma of fresh leeks and honey, Silver Needle tea has a delicate flavor that is prized among tea connoisseurs.When you first sip this tea it has a very light flavor on your front palate that slowly transforms into a light body with notes of grilled vegetables and a wonderful sweetness of honeysuckle. The finish is long and sweet with high notes of fresh gardenias. 


It is beautiful to make

To make this traditionally, you steep 3 grams (which is about 2 pinches) in 180 degree water for 2 minutes. But, if you want to see something pretty cool, then pour your hot water in a clear glass or teapot and then place the leaves in it. The leaves will float on the top at first but, as it steeps, they will slowly flutter down and expand. It really is a nice way to pass 2 minutes. 



Using all tea buds, Silver Needle Tea is sweet, delicate and oh so delicious. For those of us who want to indulge ourselves every now and then, Silver Needle Tea is perfect for those special occasions when we really want  the best of the best.



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