Green Tea Guide (For People That Don't Like the Taste)

Green Tea Guide (For People That Don't Like the Taste)

Question: What additional ingredients would you advise to add to green tea for a person who does not appreciate the taste of pure green tea?

- Kerry from Charlestown, WV


I get this question a lot when I talk to people. There are many people that want to start drinking Green Tea for the health benefits and low caffeine levels, but they think they will not like the taste. While you can add things to alter the taste of the Green Tea (like sugar, honey or agave) the problem may be simpler than that. The problem may be that you are drinking the wrong Green Tea. 

Green Tea comes in many styles with many different flavors

What most people associate with Green Tea is a bitter and herbal flavor that is often found in either teabags or Asian restaurants. In order to determine if you really like Green Tea, I believe you need to try the different styles of Green Tea. There are so many different flavors and nuances found in the Green Teas of the world that you may surprise yourself and find one you love without adding anything to it.  

Here is a quick rundown of the different Green Teas and how they taste   

  • Bi Lo Chun - Sweet and clean tasting with a touch of "bite" in the finish

  • Dragon Well - A slightly savory flavor with hints of walnut

  • Sencha - Bright and vegetal. This is often found in sushi restaurants

  • Gyokuro - Rich, savory with a finish of roasted walnut

  • GenMaicha Matcha - Toasty and creamy. This tea has toasted rice, which gives it a unique flavor

  • Jasmine Pearls - Flowery with a light sweetness of honey in the finish

  • Hojicha - A roasted flavor with hints of caramel  

Important Note

With Green Teas, it is essential that you follow the brewing instructions carefully. If you brew Green Teas incorrectly they will either turn out bitter or watery. A properly brewed cup of Green Tea should have a touch of thickness in the broth and have almost no bitterness.  


Before you convince yourself that you don't like Green Tea, try a bunch of different ones. Green Teas can have natural flavors that range from sweet to savory to nutty. If you still are not convinced you may want to try a Green Tea blend. With Green Tea blends you get almost all the health benefits (and low caffeine) of Green Tea but with flavors that you may enjoy more.

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