Star Anise – The Delicious Flu Fighter

Star Anise – The Delicious Flu Fighter

I don’t know about you, but I am really reducing the amount of medicine and pills I take.  When I was younger, I would pop Advil and Sudafed every time I felt sick. However, now I am "older and wiser," even though my wife may not agree and I just keep thinking that all those synthetic chemicals floating around my system cannot be good. I am not saying I am refusing medicine when I really need it, but for things where I am merely uncomfortable I am trying to find relief naturally. This belief of mine has been reinforced this flu season. It seems that I have this on again off again flu that never really crushes me, yet it never goes away either. If I were to pop some pills to help with the symptoms then I would have been on medication for about 2 months now. Instead, I am turning to my cabinet full of tea and oh what a delicious relief it is!

Chinese Medicine uses Star Anise

The Chinese have used Star Anise, the spicy and sweet fruit from the “Indian Almond” tree, for centuries to cure flu-like symptoms. They believe that Star Anise helps to cure the Middle Jiao, the midsection of the body. If there is something wrong with the Middle Jiao, your body will have a fever, chills and nausea. Anise helps to balance out the Middle Jiao, relieving these symptoms and restoring your body to a healthy state. 

Western Medicine uses Star Anise too

Even though I try not to take Western Medicine (i.e. over-the-counter and prescribed drugs), sometimes you just need it. Tamifu is a pharmaceutical that became popular when the Bird Flu epidemic hit. And do you want to know the active ingredient in Tamiflu? As I am sure you have already guessed, it is Anise. 

Let's not forget the best thing about Star Anise – the taste

Anise has that wonderful black licorice flavor that some people love (me) while others hate (my wife). The flavor is a sweet, yet slightly spicy taste that is widely used in regional cuisines around the world. If you have ever had a bowl of Vietnamese Pho – one of the main ingredients is Star Anise. The same with Chinese Five Spice Powder, many Indian Curries and the tangy Italian liquor, Sambuca. The secret to using Star Anise is moderation. 

Our White Licorice has a mild, calming flavor

When we created our White Licorice tea, I wanted the licorice flavor to be smooth, subtle, relaxing and sweet. To achieve this flavor, we combined the Star Anise with an almost sugary tasting White Tea base that has a light body. When combined there is a sweet, smooth and rich flavor that only Star Anise can provide. 

If you want something that tastes great and helps with the flu, make an anise tea

Having a tea that makes you feel better is great, but being able to drink a delicious one is even better! So, flu or no flu, try out our White Licorice Tea and you will not be disappointed.    



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