The 10 Commandments of Breakfast Tea


The 10 Commandments of Breakfast Tea

No, these have nothing to do with Holy Commandments from atop a mountain, but what they are is my morning ritual. Much like a warm beer on a hot Summer afternoon, unless I make my tea using all 10 of these commandments, I am left unsatisfied.

Commandment 1:

Thou Shall use Loose Tea – Teabags just don’t cut it. It leaves my tea tasting thin and unflavorful.

Commandment 2:

Thou Shall Warm your Teapot – A cold teapot will suck the heat out of the water leaving a tepid brew.

Commandment 3:

Thou Shall Steep your Tea for the Recommended Time – Too little time and the tea will turn out weak. Too much and it will be too astringent.

Commandment 4:

Thou Shall use Boiling Water – If the water is less than boiling, the tea will taste watery.

Commandment 5:

Thou Shall rinse your Tea Leaves – Rinsing the tea leaves helps to “awaken” the leaves, therefore ensuring a great cup of tea.

Commandment 6:

Thou Shall use 2% Milk – Tea purists will scoff at this one, but I cannot be without milk in my morning tea...only my morning tea. Skim milk is too thin, while whole milk overpowers the flavor. 2% is perfect.

Commandment 7:

Thou Shall use Honey – Once again, purists will disagree. This is purely a matter of taste. Honey provides a richness that sugar cannot replicate.

Commandment 8:

Thou Shall pour the Milk in the Teacup First – This has been highly debated amongst tea enthusiasts for years. I like to pour the milk in first because I use the same cup every day and know exactly how much to pour. It also gives me something to do while the tea is steeping.

Commandment 9:

Thou Shall Drink Out of a Porcelain Cup – Porcelain provides a smooth surface that gives tea a pure flavor. My tea cup may be my most cherished possession.

Commandment 10:

Thou Shall drink your Tea Before Brushing your Teeth – Even if I wait 30 minutes before having my tea (which is almost impossible within itself) I can still taste the minty-ness of the toothpaste. An important tip to remember is to make sure you brush your teeth after drinking your tea or your coworkers may hate you all day!



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January 21, 2016

Just give them a quick rinse for about 20 seconds at most. Here is an article about it.


January 21, 2016

Question about number 5 – rinsing the leaves. Just rinse them under cold water? How long do you rinse them? Enough that they start to unfurl, or just a quick sprinkle?

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