Why Most People Will Never Taste the Best Tea in the World

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Why Most People Will Never Taste the Best Tea in the World

Rao's is a famous restaurant in New York where it is impossible to get a reservation and I mean nobody (celebrities, athletes, politicians) can get in unless you know the owner or are a regular there. The reason is because the food is legendary, they only have 8 tables and the same families go there once a week every week to eat. The food has been described as life changing and who would actually give up a table at such a restaurant?


So what's this have to do with tea?

Well, everything actually. Every year there are teas grown that are so good they are gobbled up by the same people year in and year out. Much like Rao's with their tables, the supply for these teas is so limited that the people lucky enough to get them never give up their place in line.


These teas are the "Best of the Best."

Each tea garden has its own way of grading and judging their teas. Some are decent, some are good and a small amount are great. But, every once in a while, they will grow a very small crop that is legendary. And when I say small, I mean only about 30 lbs out of thousands of tons produced. To get this kind of tea is very rare and no tea farm can actually reproduce this every year. Maybe it was the amount of rain or the soil or maybe someone sprinkled some magic fairy dust on it. But what ever happened that year created an absolutely magical cup of tea.


But what do you do with only 30 lbs of tea?

30 lbs is such a small quantity that it is really hard to market, especially considering that the next year's crop will most likely fall short of this lofty status. So usually what the farms do is sell them to people inside the business. Since almost no one can actually market these teas, people tend to share them among friends and people that really love tea and appreciate how good these teas actually taste.


Here is what I am getting at

I think it is a shame that most people, especially in the US, haven't tried the best tea in the world. American's have access to the best food, coffee, chocolate and almost everything else that exists. It is my firm belief that if this country actually gets a taste of the truly great teas we will become more of a tea drinking culture.


In the next couple of weeks I am going to launch a Tea Club that only offers these legendary teas.

I'm still working out the details, but I know two things. Firstly, I want each tea to be ridiculously good and secondly, I want to keep it affordable. But the hard part is the limited supply. 30 lbs of tea is only 30 lbs and it can only go so far. This is why the Tea Club is the perfect way to deliver these teas.


If you want to save a spot in line, sign up for our waiting list below

This list will give you more information about the Club and the wonderful teas it includes. It will also give you important announcement dates and the ability to join the Club before I release it to the general public (if that happens at all).  


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Julie Dickinson
Julie Dickinson

January 21, 2016

I’d be interested in more info about the club.

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